Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #17: Heavy Cloud

Heavy Cloud stays busy. His small-run releases are always inviting as he shifts through different soundscapes and palettes, never moving in any real linear direction. That last part is one of the things I like most about Heavy Cloud’s recent run of releases. There’s always something new to be heard; new zones to explore and get lost within. His latest, Season Shift, explores his personal relationship with local landscapes in Cornwall, UK across the four seasons and in each vignette, the imagery progresses and moods shift accordingly. It’s a wonderful listen and an excellent entry point to his fantastic catalog. Visit his Bandcamp page HERE.

For this mix called Across Plains and Plateaus, he presents a collection of tracks from Ukrainian artists and Ukrainian labels. He says:

This mix features Ukrainian artists and labels that all can be found on Bandcamp. It includes ambient, drone, musique concrète, minimalist classical, and electronic works and is a journey across different landscapes, as well as showcasing a wonderful array of Ukrainian music we can continue to support.

Vlad Dobrovolski – La Llum
King Imagine Online Sextet – Mystical Water
Valentina Goncharova – Zen Garden
S-Z-2 – Untitled (B2)
ϙue – Spectre Friend
Pavel Milyakov – Mondjazz
Nikolaienko – Misantropicalia
Katarina Gryvul – Bezodnya
Ihor Tsymbrovsky – Біля моря (By the Sea)
Ihor Okuniev – frozen forest
Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko – Untitled 2
DID – Fields of Snow/Soya
John Object – Squad Pull Up (Live) (2017)
defector – письмо из японии
Jelena Glazova, Georgy Zolotarev – III
Gamardah Fungus – Fortunate Isles
marisha – Here and Now is the Answer

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