Video Premiere: Yann Novak “The Thrill of Approaching Destruction”

***** EPILEPSY WARNING ******** ***** EPILEPSY WARNING ********

Yann Novak’s forthcoming EP, Reflections of a Gathering Storm, stands on the edge of chaos. Closing track, “The Thrill of Approaching Destruction,” takes sinister steps into the building void. Elegiac tones scythe through the atmosphere leaving a trail of minor chord progressions and vaporous swells in their wake. Pensive melodies are stretched to the breaking point, echoing through the fluctuating, muted colors in the hypnotic video. When the cascade slows, the lost bliss ends up as amorphous sonic arrangements spilled on the cracked concrete floor. Reflections are distorted in the black obsidian mirror as Novak opens the filters and lets the drones stretch out like a heartbeat succumbing to the darkest chasms. 

Reflections of a Gathering Storm will be released on April 22 via PLAYNEUTRAL. Stream and pre-order below.

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