Video Premiere: Greta Ruth “Milk Tooth”

I already wrote a little bit about Greta Ruth’s excellent vocals-only EP in The Capsule Garden, but in this new video from Elena Stanton fresh layers of “Milk Tooth” are revealed. Ruth’s vocal meditations feel even more otherworldly and fleeting against the stark black and white backdrop of Stanton’s imagery. “Elena’s visuals capture the feeling of oscillating within a memory, somewhere between a stagnant and a moving image of what was or might have been,” Ruth says. Lines become blurred before disappearing completely, her voice becoming the illuminating beacon to follow. Ruth continues, “As the lyrics repeat, the images continue to vary. Simply by changing the backdrop of a thought or memory changes its entire emotion, meaning, and our own perspective.”

Milk Tooth/Hull is out now and can be streamed and purchased below.

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