Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #19: Buh Records

I feel pretty late to the game on Peru’s Buh Records, but regardless of how long it took me to learn about this incredible label, there is so much good stuff to dig through. Started in 2004 by Luis Alvarado, Buh has released a diverse cache of music from artists all over the world. The label’s recent compilation of experimental music from Peru is an excellent place to start, but the forthcoming album of Oksana Linde‘s archival works is essential and the recent album from the Czech Republic’s Gurun Gurun has been on regular rotation here. Quietly, Buh has built one of the most impressive discographies on the planet. 

Dig into this mix of music from the label and head to their Bandcamp page to get in on the action.

Oksana Linde – Intromersión (From Aquatic and other worlds)
Gurun Gurun – Toumeiningen (ft Cuushe) (from Uzu Oto)
Acavernus & Yantra – Lamento & Colera (from Gnose)
Chocolate Algendones – Conga Forte, Rico Cajón (from Peru Master  Percussionist)
Los Ribereños del Huallaga – Pífano Humano (from Alrededor de la Húmisha)
Los Abuelos del Wayku – Twist Lamista (from La música de los Kechwas lamistas)
Jardín – Serpientes de Humo (from Maqui de hierro)
Miguel Flores – Taki Onqoy (Ft Corina Bartra) (from Primitivo)
Walter Smetak – Akwas (from Smetak)
Vered Engelhard – Dirty River (from Mensajes del agua: Nuevos sonidos desde Perú)
Santiago Pillado-Matheu – Chambi (from La revolución y la tierra)Mauricio Moquillaza – Carácter Transitorio (from Mensajes del agua: Nuevos sonidos desde Perú)

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