Video Premiere: Anarchist Mountains “Balkan Circuits”

Drifting movements can appear lackadaisical and random from the outside, but the floating sonorous gestures of Anarchist Mountains’ “Balkan Circuits” shift with intention. Rhythms pulse forward in silhouette. Gossamer layers intertwine forming opaque aural shapes that are still translucent but carry an earnest psychological weight. Brothers Jordan and Stefan Christoff create synthetic spaces where these buried memories can emerge through repeating motifs and lush swirls where new lives spark into the ethereal plane.

Francesca Tallone’s stellar video embodies the spirit of “Balkan Circuits,” turning it outward and manifesting the sonic waves as images. “I had this little collection of footage of smoke and steam billowing into the air and another little collection of ripples of water,” Tallone says, “and the more I listened to ‘Balkan Circuits’ the layers of vibrations and drone and rhythms just started to feel like the smoke moving and the water rippling and the forms in the images and the sounds came together really seamlessly.”

“Balkan Circuits” appears on Anarchist Mountains’ A Balkan Spacewalk released last November on Alien Garage. Listen to the album and pick up a copy below.

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