Video Premiere: Turbo World “Cards”

Everything about Turbo World’s debut album, My Challenger, is bonkers in the best possible way. Conceived as a prog-opera inspired by David Susskind’s wild interview with self-confessed mafia hitman Max Kurschner aka Joey. Turbo World is Caroline Bennett of Stice and Stephen Cooper from Cloud Becomes Your Hand and current bassist in Guerilla Toss. The duo both had a deep interest in the connection between crime and betrayal, but couldn’t quite figure out how to translate those obsessions into a music project. Until they did…

“Cards” is the second single from My Challenger and its gonzo pop complexities carve out their own island in an archipelago adjacent to where projects like Jerry Paper and The Unicorns have retirement camps. Pulsing rhythms sting the ground while woozy synths escape the waves for a playful romp through decaying alleyways. Like Caroline Bennet’s fantastic animated video, it’s all a little bit unhinged. Soft melodies coo along with the whimsical synths before hammering basslines throw everyone back into the mixer for another round.

“The object of the game is to win; you win by having the ‘best hand’. Both are true for the games of poker and cribbage,” Bennett says, “but our sorry protagonist has forgotten what game they are playing! Just when they thought they were winning they realized it was poker and not cribbage and their hand was worthless.” Strange imagery dances across each scene illustrating the twisting, outlandish narrative with shades of neon, glitter, frog dances, and full-on plastic toy horse massacres. Keep up. 

My Challenger is one of the most unique records I’ve heard this year and will be released on May 6 by Ramp Local. Stream two tracks below and pre-order it UP.

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