Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #21: c o m t e

There is such a lovely, calm spirit flowing through c o m t e’s recent album, Cipher, and he carries that same feeling into this fantastic mix. I’ve listened to it early in the morning as I was starting my day, half awake and it helped sent good intentions for the day, but it’s also been an excellent companion in the garden with my hands buried in the soil. I imagine it will work in most settings and is a testament to the thoughtful approach c o m t e brought to these 78+ minutes.

Cipher is out now and available via Bandcamp HERE.

Hoavi – Antaxis
Shinici Atobe – Free Access Zone 1
Ben Bondy – Pool
Brian McBride – Silent Motels
DJ Healer – We Are Going Nowhere
Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Picard – Balm
Thme – Spooled
c o m t e – Silent Age
KMRU – Ondra
Leafar Legov – We Dont Have To Talk About It
Leif – Myrtus
Loren Connors – Air 1
Michael O’Shea – Kerry
Jan Jelinek & Masayoshi Fujita – Botuto
Tomas KnoFlichek – Nebula
Nicholas Jaar – Mud
Scott Campbell – Mandarin Peel

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