Video Premiere: The Corrupting Sea “At Woods Edge” (excerpt)

Geometric shapes become a hypnotic treasure map in Darren Ryan’s video for The Corrupting Sea’s “At Woods Edge” (excerpt). The intuitive movements heighten the layered sonics of “At Woods Edge,” bringing fluidity to the spacious, disentangled arrangements. Subtle shifts in tone are echoed in the visual movements of shapes and patterns as though there’s a secret message hidden in plain view. Ryan’s use of color is fantastic, hinting at a vibrant world just out of view buried in the rifts and textures of “At Woods Edge.” As the tension rises, the shapes become stranger, more obscure. Ryan and The Corrupting Sea have created some special and it only makes me want to explore deeper into the forest.

Darren Ryan and No Reality TV can be found via his websiteBandcamp, or No Reality TV’s Bandcamp. The Corrupting Sea’s Talking to Trees will be released on May 13 by Histamine Tapes. Pre-order Below.

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