Video Premiere: Post Moves “Madness Is A Fully Instrumented Score”

Scratchy sonic reveries are broken down into haunting visages, remembrances of another time translated into whispered codes. Sam Wenc’s Post Moves project uses a timeless palette to explore the furthest reaches of folk music and concoct an alien dialect that uses resonant shapes to share messages across time. “Madness Is A Fully Instrumented Score” follows a winding river of plucked guitar chords and pedal steel swells through the looking glass. Anna Jeters from the band Ancient Pools murmurs cryptic soliloquies as though she’s unlocked the secret to breathing life back into this husk.

Jasper Lee’s beautiful video blurs the line between dreams and reality, leaving us wondering if these are memories of a now ancient past or visions of an ill-fated future. Imagery twists into kaleidoscopic forms while mysterious shapes flash across the screen. Are they a warning? An invitation? It all combines to speak the language of madness; the descent began long ago and these shapeshifting images are a running monologue imbuing Wenc’s enchanting song. Drifting deeper into our own recesses, there is comfort in this aural cage.

Post Moves’ fantastic new record, Heart Music, is out now via Where to Now? and can be streamed and pre-ordered below. 

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