Keith Fejeran “Daiquiri”

This is the place I want to be. Every surface is smooth like glass. The view out the back patio is a rolling carnival of blue hues and whimsy, even if there’s a future-coded longing drifting in the periphery. Keith Fejeran’s music is not of this world. It occupies a dreamlike space where we can fly and float away into aqueous, cavernous underworlds; where crystal nightclubs are as common as bright pink cotton candy clouds. Everything on Daiquiri has a well-worn starry-eyed sheen and the familiarity of its emotional center is as intoxicating as its ethereal expanses.

Opener “Koto Dream” gleans golden shine from emotive saxophone quips, translucent synth arrangements, and a bassline that wraps itself around the heart like the sweetest boa constrictor around. Fejeran’s voice slides across the bouncing rhythms, caressing each passage like cashmere. Exotic palettes intertwine with ghost threads on “Toucans’ Deep, Tall Cans Beak” forming a lackadaisical love letter to neon forests and feathery silhouettes. Each note stacks into an inverted pyramid casting an aural shadow over flickering synths.

Every time I put Daiquiri on it’s as though I’m on a world tour. Each song carries its own aura even if they fit together like a mind-bending 3D puzzle. “Pink Marble” is the zone at the foot of mile-high skyscrapers where the sun no longer reaches. Guitar leads colonize the dead spaces where plantlife long ago rotted away, building statues to lost memories buried in the murk and grime of the song’s hazy basslines and plodding beat. A trip through levitating rain gardens marks the repeating chord progressions of “Waverunner Yuki” until a relaxed melody blooms for a moment and blinks away. We find ourselves alone and wistful on the enigmatic “Closer to You,” Fejeran serenading the last seconds before dusk where the magic happens.

Daiquiri finds a perfect home on Spencer Clark’s Pacific City Sound Visions. Like Clark, Fejeran conjures dreams and memories out of a distant, imagined future. Planets align for the send-off. Closer “Thinking of You” sends the credits upstream as piano motifs and airy flute drifts point for a galaxy in the distance, ready for a new journey. Hands held tight, Fejeran’s voice waltzes into the distance on silver strings. The trip never ends, but there’s always a full heart and a full glass awaiting us somewhere. The universe awaits.

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