Track Premiere: Andy Cartwright “Delmarco & Bozzetta”

Seabuckthorn’s Andy Cartwright knows a thing or two about generating heavy emotional impact with subtlety and restraint and on the latest single from his forthcoming solo record, Form Less Ness, memories become ghosts. “Delmarco & Bozzetta” sings in the liminal breaths between formless shadows. Melodic tonal whispers float above a jagged aural sea, each side of the spectral divide reaching for the other but always out of reach. Glassine drones stitch together reflective spaces where comfort looks back at us with longing, teetering on a knife-edge as we hold ourselves together. “Delmarco & Bozzetta” does so much in the space of four pensive minutes. Cartwright creates a moment of beautiful tension and stops time so we can feel its full force and gather the strength to crawl out the other side.

Form Less Ness will be released on May 6 by A Quiet Room Recording. Pre-order HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Track Premiere: Andy Cartwright “Delmarco & Bozzetta”

  1. Hey there…I read your emails, but usually states “stream or pre-order below” and the link just isn’t on the page in the last few I’ve opened… I know its easy enough to Google but just stating the case. Cheers and thanks for the great work.

    1. thx for letting me know – that’s annoying that it’s not catching/including the bandcamp embeds. Will make a point to also link directly to it in the text where it says ‘pre-order’ in the future!

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