Video Premiere: Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse “Beatcafe”

All the juxtapositions and dichotomies in the video for “Beatcafe” heighten the fantastical feeling baked into the song. “‘Beatcafe’ is very much self-contained & written for its context as part of 7e.p. Tokyo’s 20th anniversary compilation,” Kinsella explains before getting at the core of the song. “I gave Jen a one-sentence description of each of my 9 trips to Tokyo & she mashed them together & it became this one tale of surreal family noir.” 

Kinsella’s experiences filtered through Pulse’s wit create a kaleidoscopic narrative borne out by angular guitar arrangements and stomping rhythms. There’s a wonderful layer of dreamlike absurdity woven into the piece that comes through loud and clear in the video. Pulse talks about how the strange polarities in the visuals came to be. “I like running as a way to evoke daydreams. Daydreams often overlap and overcome each other like a good split screen,” she says, “Having said that being drunk can be the cause of very funny moments. Silly moments in sad times—as in this song which itself is sort of a drunk daydream.” 

The result of this delightful fantasy world is strange yet inviting and has me wanting to escape to the beatcafe. 7e.p. Tokyo’s 20th anniversary compilation is available HERE. Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse will be on tour this August with No Age’s Randy Randall. Check the dates below and don’t miss it!

Wednesday, Aug 3 Chicago, IL 

Thursday, Aug 4 Urbana, IL Rose 

Friday, Aug 5 Davenport, IA 

Saturday, Aug 6 Springfield, MO 

Sunday, Aug 7 Tulsa,OK 

Monday, Aug 8 Dallas, TX 

Wed, Aug 10 San Antonio, TX 

Thur, Aug 11 Austin, TX  

Saturday, Aug 13 El Paso, TX 

Monday, Aug 15 Albuquerque, NM 

Tuesday,Aug 16 Tucson, AZ 

Wed, Aug 17 Phoenix, AZ 

Thur, Aug 18 San Diego, CA 

Friday, Aug 19 Santa Ana, CA La Santa 

Saturday, Aug 20 Los Angeles, CA  

Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse solo 

Monday, Aug 22 Oakland, CA 

Tuesday, Aug 23 Sacramento, CA 

Wed, Aug 24 Reno, NV

Fri, Aug 26 Portland, OR 

Sat, Aug 27 Seattle, WA

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