Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #24: Son of Buzzi

Son of Buzzi keeps me on my toes. My initial impressions of the project were that it was an interesting approach to solo acoustic guitar music, and while that is true, it’s only a part of the overall picture. Recent releases have dug into no input mixer explorations, electric guitar fuzz, and synth drones alongside those acoustic reveries. He has an innate skill at weaving together sonic narratives in a consistently cohesive and engaging way. 

This excellent mix is straightforwardly titled Guitars and Related and pretty much says it all. Excellent for sitting outside in the spring air. Son of Buzzi’s music can be heard at this Bandcamp page and I cannot recommend checking out his work enough.

Cyrus Pireh – Still Here, Still Ripping
Post Moves – Always For Pleasure
Ardhi Engl – Two
M.H.H – Argus
Tomas Niesener – Pod Lipami
Maurice Louca – Higamah (Hirudinea)
Rob Noyes – Nightmare Study
Danny Paul Grody – The Hum Of An Empty House
Jordan Perry – Ascent To Crystalline Heaven
Magic Tuber Stringband – Vollis, Volant
Stefan Christensen – Forest Daylight
Stef Kett – Speed Weapon
Old Saw – Dead Creek Drawl
Andy McLeod – Blood Song
Jon Collin – One

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