Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #27: Jordan Christoff

I continue to be grateful that Jordan Christoff and I crossed paths in the last year. He is a fountain of special music, from his solo work and various collaborations to PJS and Anarchist Mountains, his duo with his brother Stefan. If I want to travel somewhere magical from the comfort of my living room, Christoff’s music always takes me there. Unsurprisingly, he brought that same craft to this fantastic mix. Dig into this Bandcamp page HERE.

Son of Chi & Clara Brea – Side D (excerpt)
Inquiri – Ascend
claire rousay – it feels foolish to care (excerpt)
socool – face of the deep
Amanita Phalloides, Heavenchord – Vesna
Rashida Prime – Mind Glitch
ubu boi & r hunter – Towers of Babel
Ki Oni – 5 minutes at everlasting life
Saphileaum – Gatekeeper
sunaïra – rain chimes (excerpt)
Jeff Parker – Executive Life

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