Video Premiere: Malle Voss “The Bound Path”

Joe Houpert is a name I’d thought about every so often in the last five years, but we’d lost touch and, as is often the case, life had moved on. Houpert was once part of the duo Loud & Sad and released solo works as Prayer, but, like me, had disappeared from music for a while. As the world spins ever out of control, Houpert reemerged with a new project, Malle Voss. If the return was unexpected, the music itself is a shock to the system. Malle Voss plies in electronic landscapes, veering off down angular melodic paths shrouded beneath ultraviolet veils and spectral rhythms.

“The Bound Path” teems with pensive recollections. Where we’ve been becomes more opaque as the future piles up in front of us, moments fused together through emotional gravity. Wistful arrangements become fodder for another triumph lost to a world that is only attracted to the newest, brightest lights. Houpert’s video manages to distill this feeling into a captivating series of visuals where ritual and wonder collide.

“The Bound Path” comes from Malle Voss’s new album, Death is Easy, out now on Blue Tapes.

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