Track Premiere: ACT! “50 Million Motives for Making”

I love the sound of a carbonated beverage being poured and that lively effervescing opens “50 Million Motives for Making.” It’s a small, perfect encapsulation of the spirit throughout the latest single from ACT!’s forthcoming Strange Bounty / About Life. This latest project from David Psutka (Ceramic Tl, Egyptrixx, etc) lives in spaces where the surface hints at perfection, but the architecture below is wonky and full of sparking wires. 

“50 Million Motives for Making” sparkles as synth sequences glide across pristine white gloss, rising and falling like a breathing machine. The bubbles return, pressing against glass crystals where guitar motifs strum woozy chord progressions suspended in air. Purposeful sonic granules are always pointing north, but even in the flawless arrangements missed connections hold the day. Bleeps blink into existence to disperse blackened stardust across the freshly-minted backdrop, disparate tones scattered in the wind bend our reflections backward.

Strange Bounty / About Life will be released on June 3 by Halocline Trance. Pre-order HERE.

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