Track Premiere: Frank Meadows “Dead Weight”

Photo by Felix Walworth

“‘Dead Weight’ connects the time I spent in 2010-2016 driving around North Carolina laying the foundations of my identity in music, and my life today as a New Yorker holding onto and celebrating my identity as a southerner,” Frank Meadows explains about the title track for his forthcoming album due in July. “Dead Weight” jangles in the deepest stretches of night where time is an afterthought examining the unfamiliar face that stares back in self-reflection. 

Captivating, timeless keyboard arrangements dance across the simple rhythms and John Wallace’s subdued, emotive strums, all providing a glowing platform for Meadows’ dulcet voice. Flourishes from Justin Morris’s pedal steel are like flaked gold leaf imbuing the song with a sense of fading resilience. In the second chorus’s rising tide, Meadows, along with background vocals from Oliver Kalb and Alena Spanger, shines brightest before sauntering off toward the gilded horizon.

“My lifelong love of country music strangely kicked up a notch almost as soon as I moved to New York,” Meadows admits, ”and this track tries to express the process of arrival that comes from owning those dichotomies.” “Dead Weight” owns those realizations and wears them on its sleeve. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where we see ourselves within a larger context as long as we’re asking ourselves the hard questions Every mirror is a trick mirror, anyway.

Dead Weight will be released July 1 by Ruination Records. Stream “Dead Weight” below and pre-order HERE.

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