Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #29: Kenneth James Gibson

Kenneth James Gibson’s new album, Groundskeeping, swims through solemn, turbulent seas before emerging weary and determined on a distant shore. It’s a record with emotive soundscapes interwoven with careful details that bring memories to the surface long-thought buried. Cascades of melancholic strings become a waterfall of languid remorse, buoyed by a few embers of hope. Groundskeeping is an incredible journey.

With that, I am thrilled to present this extended mix of the album, connecting the lilting peaks with small, spirited interludes and adding a previously unreleased piece that broadens the scope. Remembrances become charred husks in the harshness of an unforgiving landscape, and these echoes slowly wrap around us until nothing is left but silence. 

Groundskeeping is out now on Meadows Heavy Recorders. Get it HERE.

Groundskeeping Extended album mix:

The Grounds
interlude piece 1
Small Triumphs and Deep Disappointments
interlude piece 2
A Snowy Year In The Meadows Heavy
interlude piece 3
In Time You Will
interlude piece 4
The Groundskeeper
An Untroubled Moment On Magnus Bridge
Lonely Indecision (unreleased)
David’s Pass
interlude piece 5
Pacific Mountain Express (extended mix)

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