Video Premiere: Golden Feelings “Kozmička Glazba”

I can’t help but be reminded of the recently departed Vangelis in the opening chords of Golden Feelings’ radiant daydream, “Kozmička Glazba.” Layered synths sing together, exuding golden harmonies into an intricately choreographed freefall. There’s a clarity to each strand of sound that is a guidepost pulling us into this orchestrated world. The video by Micah Vanderhoof is a free-flowing meditation, combining deep cosmic imagery with a terrestrial lushness that mixes with Golden Feelings and sonorous connections to our place in this universe. Geometric patterns mutate and unfold; a secret message for past lives and future tenses.

“Kozmička Glazba” soars before the disintegrating collapse that sends sonic tendrils in all directions. Unforeseen corridors emerge, offering new synthetic realms to explore and cherish. Blankets of dreamy pads coalesce into a verdant space where a river of catharsis awaits. It’s a stunning reverie.

“Kozmička Glazba” is on Golden Feelings’ forthcoming self-titled album that will be released by Impermanent Records on June 3. Pre-order HERE.

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