Video Premiere: Congregation of Drones “Gesture of Devotion”

Photo by Scott Andrew

Calling this a video premiere completely sells it short. Congregation of Drones is the duo of Grammy-winning violinist Pauline Kim Harris and electronic composer, installation artist, and software designer Jesse Stiles. Their music is immersive, stretching across boundaries, disintegrating lines and pushing limits to their breaking point. Live processing and experimental synthesis build expansive sonic environments for listeners to engage, interact with, and explore. 

For one of the album’s centerpieces, “Gesture of Devotion,” the duo partnered with visual artist Scott Andrew and choreographer/dancer Jesse Factor to create an interactive/generative video. The video is now running on Every Possible Recording’s Twitch Channel (and is embedded below) as an endlessly-evolving stream of iterations. By entering text-based commands in the stream’s chat window, viewers can remix the video and sound presented in the piece. It’s pretty incredible.

Congregation of Drones debut album, Twenty Twenty, will be released July 1st on Every Possible Recording. Pre-order HERE

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