Track-by-Track: 700 BLISS on “Nothing To declare”

Photo by Isha Walia | Styling by Michael Umesi Haram | Hair by Sean Bennett

700 BLISS (DJ Haram & Moor Mother) slice mantras into the city’s concrete skin on the visceral, cathartic, and even hilarious Nothing to declare. Backyard breakbeats and fried, snaking synths build madcap webs. Future rhythms take a sawblade to squarewaves, fusing proto-electronics with hip hop reveries and free jazz energies. Moor Mother and DJ Haram alternate raining fire on the world and wrapping it up in diaphanous cellophane. Absolute bliss.

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DJ Haram and Moor Mother break down Nothing to declare, track-by-track

01. Nothing to declare

Thinking about Philadelphia and it’s fun music scene 

Talking shit on one of my favorites beats on the album.

02. Totally Spies feat Lafawndah

Thinking about being thankful and the relationships we leave behind 

This song (including recorded vocals) was done since 2017. Lafawndah really gave it new life and cohesion in the vocals she sent in 2021.

03. Nightflame feat Orion Sun

Dedicated to ballroom culture 

I think this track would make a great soundtrack to a party montage. 

04. Anthology

Dedicated to Ms Dunham 

I made this beat on a train from paris to london in 2018. 

05. Discipline


This beat idea haunted me for years. I couldnt get the keys detuned just right or the drums were always too or not enough off-kilter. I let it marinate for a while.

Directed & Edited by Izzy O

06. Bless Grips

Speaking about cycles 

Moor Mother recorded on half the beat as a first draft and I eventually just started writing to it to complete it. She said something about cowboy flow so i tried to get in my own little lazy character, also mirroring the slow lurching beat I originally called growl.

08. Candace Parker feat Muqata’a

About being counted out or undervalued 

Muqata’a saved this beat from poorly labeled stems hell.  

09. No more kings

Dedicated to a friend who passed away. Thinking of a end to class systems 

My verse was inspired by a poem I saw written on a wall below an underpass. I can’t remember it exactly, someone talking about being dragged to hell by men but not being kissed in years. 

10. Capitol feat Alli Logout

Speaking about energy and resistance 

Love this collaboration so much, Alli Logout is creative brilliance.

11. Sixteen

Speaking about safe spaces and lack of 

Classic 700 Punk record.

13. Crown

Speaking about injustice 

Classic Emo Bliss record.

14. More Victories feat M. Téllez

More positive achievements 


15. Seven

Old rap about ritual 

So many wild lines packed in the lyrics. For the sound design, we always meet in the kitchen. Ase manual really helped pull the instrumental together in the mixing here.

16. Lead Level 15 feat Ase Manual

Speaking about environmental racism and chemical warfare 

I have been calling this my best worst beat. Arguable musical qualities here.

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