Track Premiere: Otto Lindholm “Reg”

On his new album, FortyTwo, Belgian composer Otto Lindholm takes a sonic odyssey through liminal recesses, exploring the impermanence of time itself. Across two side-long pieces, he drifts out of sight and out of reach before returning to the starting point encouraging listeners to let go and let these sounds absorb us and examine how our perceptions change. 

“Reg” sends us outward. Spacious layers undulate with disguised, barely-perceptible rhythms. Each slow step looks forward as though each note tries to discern where the horizon lies in the distance. Drones breathe beneath the aural shimmer of intertwining tonal curls where it’s impossible to know if we’ve traveled a mile or a thousand lightyears. Lindholm’s universe on “Reg” is fully-formed and alien, but so enticing that each stretched melody wraps around itself in an eternal embrace. “Reg” is divine.

FortyTwo will be released on June 17 by Totalism. Pre-order HERE and stream below.

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