Video Premiere: Hot Pursuit Of Happiness “Sun Don’t Wait”

Thollem is everywhere and on his new solo guise, Hot Pursuit Of Happiness, he gets weird. I am all for anyone getting into strange zones outside of their wheelhouse, but with Thollem I get the sense there is no wheelhouse. Everything is always on the table. Hot Pursuit Of Happiness sees him turning singer/songwriter in the broadest sense of the term. Using a singular Wavestate multi-timbral synth, most of this record was recorded live, in real-time. “Sun Don’t Wait” is frenetic. Energized. Stretching his vocal cords across cybernetic avenues, zigzagging through abandoned streetscapes and urban decay, a darkening vulnerability emerges. Rhythms skitter, lively and pointed, weaving around crystalline textures and angular arpeggiated dreams. 

For Hot Pursuit Of Happiness’s debut, This Day’s Called Tuesday, Thollem’s creative partner ACVilla is creating videos for each track. “Sun Don’t Wait” pieces together imagery from their travels, distilled into an almost-psychedelic feverdream. The way ACVilla assembles the visual narrative heightens the general surreality of the song. It’s excellent.

As ever, Thollem is traveling the world and his upcoming dates can be found HERE. This Day’s Called Tuesday will be released by Personal Archives on August 22. Pre-order HERE and stream below.

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