Track Premiere: Builenradar “Gas Giant”

When I saw the phrase “damaged post-apocalyptic bikerfolk” in the description for Buildenradar’s upcoming record, There Is No Hunger in Your Shame, on School of the Arts, I knew it would be in my wheelhouse. This project from Belgian artist and musician Wouter Vanhaelemeesch scours the charred ground for sweet morsels to gobble up and spit back out as a cleansing ritual. 

“Gas Giant” scales the decaying city walls that hold back little more than dust anymore, peering out over the smoke-filled landscape. Garbled vocals skew all the mirrors upside down, facing the cracked streets with nervous strums and whirring death whistles. Anxiety flows like a waterfall through every facet of “Gas Giant,” bringing apprehensive drama to each mangled Orcutt-imbued chord progression. Fantastic.

There Is No Hunger in Your Shame will be released on June 30 by School of the Arts. Pre-order HERE and stream below.

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