Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #34: Meadow Argus

Meadow Argus, aka Tynan Krakoff, and I go way back. He used to run the excellent DNT label and distro and could always be counted on to find something new, weird, and fried. Honestly, it’s impossible to remember how many stellar projects he’s turned me onto over the years. When he got in touch again last year and introduced me to his excellent project, Meadow Argus, I was immediately hooked. In that time, he’s released a handful of excellent albums – most recently The Palace (and also recent, Peristera) – and continues churning up new ground. 

And when I needed some fresh mixes for the site, I knew Tynan would come at me with something unexpected and excellent. This mix hits that and more. In his own words:

When Brad asked me to do a mix for Foxy D, I wanted to go back to the beginning and early days of the Meadow Argus project, which I started in 2006. I was living in the Pacific Northwest at the time, fresh out of high school. It was super rainy and dreary all the time and I was depressed and quite dormant. This mix has a lot of the sounds and elements that inspired me then and deeply influences me to this day. I love music that washes you away, music that creates soundscapes you can drift around in and explore. Music that encourages deep listening with headphones on and eyes closed. Music built on decay, where you can’t tell if it’s “supposed” to sound like that. Where it combines field recordings and/or decontextualized samples of the waking world with other sounds or tape manipulation to make seemingly impossible field recordings of an alien or dreaming world. 

NEU! “Cassetto” (1973)
Watersports “Mother’s Touch” (excerpt) (2006)
Aaron Dilloway “Labyrinths & Jokes” (2012)
Pearls Before Swine “Images of April” (1968)
The Orb “Earth (Gaia)” (1991)
Blues Control “End Zone” (2007)
Blues Control “Call Collect” (2007)
Nonhorse “Rigor Lore Side A” (excerpt) (2006)
Pink Floyd “On The Run” (1973)
Emeralds/Dilloway “Under Pressure II” (2008)
Jon Hassell & Brian Eno “Ba-benzele” (1980)
John Fahey “The Singing Bridge of Memphis Tennessee” (1968)
Jacob Smigel “Mike, Quit Smoking” (2007)

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