Track Premiere: Grieving Sea “So Pure”

Photo courtesy of Brucia Records

“So Pure” seethes in fractures, expanding to strengthen the seemingly-infinite tiny cracks threatening to break the world apart. Grieving Sea is the first musical collaboration between Void (Feed Them Death, Pseudodoxia) and Giorgio Barroccu (Derhead), both cofounders of the Brucia label. A fading intimacy simmers beneath the lilting surface of “So Pure,” bringing listeners into this dim, collapsing terrain.

Mouth Wound’s Trine Paaschburg stars on this standout track from their debut, Donewiz, lamenting a growing distance between two intimate points of light. Her voice feels like it could break to pieces without warning, each word tightening the increasing tension. Joined in a duet by Void, their voices play off each other in an attempt to harness the darkness. Piano arrangements flicker up close, bringing us face-to-face with our waning phantasmic facade. Spacious, looping melodies create their own revolving gravity, spinning around a central core with a sharp focus that holds everything together. “So Pure” is harrowing and beautiful.

Grieving Sea’s debut, Donewiz, will be released on July 8 by Brucia. Pre-order HERE and stream below. 

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