Video Premiere: Princess Diana of Wales “Still Beach”

Princess Diana of Wales’s self-titled album is one of my favorite albums of recent memory. I’ve already written extensively about it, but there’s so much more that could be said. It’s an album with extraordinary depth masked by this accessible facade. As much as I’ve admired Laila Sakini’s work prior, this album cemented her as one of my favorite artists.

“Still Beach” is one of the standouts on an album full of gems. This video by João Cruz distills the desolate hunger of the song into scenic visuals. Near-deserted beaches are an invitation for solitude and reflection among the peaceful waves. “It’s quite a barren yet beautiful vista that is presented – I saw myself sitting in a place like this when I wrote the song,” Sakini explains. “It’s about letting go, but also being aware of the impact that might have on tomorrow – it’s an uneasy examination of the tension and release around those feelings.”

The album is out now via A Colourful Storm and available to stream and purchase HERE. Also, Sakini will be performing as Princess Diana of Wales on Sunday, July 10, at Cafe Oto with Thomas Bush and Enchante. More info HERE.

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