Video Premiere: Monogamy “Never Seen You Dance”

I am a sucker for an unexpected anthem. Monogamy’s “Never Seen You Dance” may not be the fist-pumping stadium firewall of my youth, but this song ticks all the boxes. The Chicago-via-Michigan indie pop trio narrates late-night hijinx with hook after hook, including one of my favorite lyrics of the year, “Never seen you dance, but I wanna dance like you!” Scraggly guitar arrangements bop enthusiastically around lithe rhythms and hypnotic sax solos that pull us into the mysterious darkness. It’s joy cooked up with tots in a frying pan and a heavy dash of long-forgotten whimsy and serendipitous subversion. Even if they’re singing about driving through blizzards, I’m blasting this all summer.

“Never Seen You Dance” is from Monogamy’s forthcoming “Never Seen You Dance/Traspasada” 7” lathe cut single, out on July 29 in a run of 50 copies. You can stream the tune below and pre-order the 7″ (and/or a camo hat!) HERE.

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