Track Premiere: Justin Wright “Morning is a Stray Thread”

Photo by Anastasia Shmytova

Montreal composer Justin Wright distills time on “Morning is a Stray Thread” from his beguiling new album, A Really Good Spot. Wright’s poignant string arrangements are disjointed tears in the sky open to a place where long-lost remembrances become whole again. Emptiness remains, but John Guliak’s wounded voice is a fractured beacon keeping us from overthinking the lingering darkness. Beauty is hidden in each crack, ready to sprout full blooms from Wright’s enchanting piano chord progressions and lilting strings. 

Memories dance in the margins, emboldened by Guliak’s remarkable, vulnerable performance. “Morning is a Stray Thread” is so moving it’s extraordinary. Each note is a dagger of hope against the shadows carried by emotive threads into tomorrow and beyond.

A Really Good Spot will be released by Beacon Sound this Friday, July 8. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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