Track Premiere: Bob Driftwood “Automatic Masochist”

Bob Driftwood sits at the center of a prismatic room. Light is split across the spectrum, revealing smoke-filled liminal passageways into the deep woods. Hidden messages dance in the subtle ultraviolet movements, chimes glistening against the wind. Everything’s on the table as Driftwood’s gentle plucks open a direct line into vacant time, his words stinging like a pointed tome about our deepest desires. Truth slithers across Coco Goupil’s slow-motion guitar arrangements, plotting a direct path where truth melts into the soil’s blood and sprouts new growth. Henry Birdsey’s pensive lapsteel drones sing beneath the decaying signs of heaven, adding another layer of midnight to “Automatic Masochist.” Stretched to the breaking point, Driftwood can only press on.

“Automatic Masochist” appears on Bob Driftwood’s Crow’s Pine which will be released on August 26 by Lobby Art. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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