Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #37: Seawind of Battery

I wrote about Seawind of Battery (a project from goldkey’s Mike Horn, which is also excellent) in last week’s Capsule Garden, and I think I’ve listened to Clockwatching another four or five times since. It’s simply that good. They released a second cassette edition last week, and it’s going fast. Grab that HERE.

Now, this mix… it’s a monster, but the calmest, heaviest on the vibes monster possible. It got me through this afternoon and then some. Mike also put it together as a BNDCMPR playlist, so check that for links to buy all of these gems.

Bobby Lee – Hevvy Friendz
Matt LaJoie – Everlasting Spring
Drew Gardner – Kelp Highway
Jeffrey Silverstein – Pleasant Life
Steve Palmer – Banjo Burner
Barry Walker Jr. – Insect Interlude
Gunn-Truscinski Duo – Ocean City
Yo La Tengo – James and Ira demonstrate mysticism and some confusion holds (Monday)
SUSS – Echo Lake
River Flows Reverse – At the Gates of The Perennial
Powers – Rolin Duo – Catarwauls
A2 – 2019.01.08 #1
Mouth Painter – In the Verdant Slough
The Gral Brothers – Vermijo River
Son of Buzzi – Was kommt nach dem Regen?
Buck Curran (feat. Helena Espvall) – Gemini Sun, Gemini Rising
Golden Brown – Fruiting Bodies
Papir – 7.4
Los Days – West Winds
tarotplane – Öl Ph Po Uv
Prana Crafter – MindStreamBlessing
Channelers – In the Garden of Venus
Elkhorn – Rhizome, Washington DC, 3/7/20
William Tyler & Luke Schneider – The Witness Tree
Chris Schlarb – Creedmoor
Nicklas Sørensen – L I V E 1.5
ragenap – piper (intro)
goldkey – Someday
Seawind of Battery – Above the Waves

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