Video Premiere: Estel Luz – Live at Nomad Studio

Estel Luz’s 2021 album cycles was eye-opening in its familiar roots covered with hypnotic diamond soil and an existential shimmer. Luz, an Italo-Colombian singer, is a captivating performer whose voice commands attention. In this recent session at Nomad Studio in Turin, she performs a combination of new and old songs for Foxy Digitalis. 

There’s such a potent yet relaxed vibe to this session that makes it even more powerful as Luz’s performance grows with each subsequent song. From the a capella wanderings of the opening stanzas of “Mujer” through the guitar haze of “No Light without shadows/Luci e Ombre” and closing with a new trip on “Real Thang,” this music is engaging and infectious.

From Estel:

After the release of my first album Queens on 11/11/2019, just before the World got changed by so many collective events, I automatically dived into introspection; it took me quite a while to come out with my second one called Cycles in 2021, a collection of original songs, interludes and field recordings more related to the actual birth of my sound many years ago.

I never took time to sit down and actually feel like performing was really part of me; I didn’t feel comfortable with live streaming my performances, and I took a pause from myself as an artist and gave space to myself as a spirit, human, woman, and overall person.

I had to honor the long pause of self-awakening that led me to a higher understanding, finally realizing I love performing, I love to share my sound, and I am eventually ready. 

I am grateful for the path of collaborations and lessons working with longtime masters of production and audio like my longtime friend and brother in music Ezra, who also runs Nomad Studio and constantly evolves through his sound; at Nomad Studio, I’ve brought to life a big part of my past of the last decade while living in different countries or evolving as a music vessel and sound artist; me and Ezra are both underground music lovers and pretty much addicted to dubby sounds in all their charming and inspirational ways. 

The collaboration with Cesare (Doe) and his beat making and with other younger smart video makers and artists, my radio residencies, and the general soul healing I’ve been through are now opening me up again to my great love for different bpms and beat production where someone can click with my ideas and turn them into magic rapidly and naturally. 

For all of this, I am very grateful and can’t wait for what’s next. 

A special thanks to Brad for asking me to record some live music and being aligned to the flow I decided to stick to; we are all a beautiful work in progress where progress must be cherished with self-love, patience, and gratitude for every bit of transformation occurring in our lives.

This session was recorded and produced with the help of Raffaele Diacono, Ezra, and Cesare. Grab Estel Luz’s cycles here and follow her on Instagram.

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