Video Premiere: Akiko Haruna + Bon “Raijin”

Angular shadows intersect with stray shards of light on the enigmatic “Raijin,” the latest single from Akiko Haruna + Bon. Teaming up with a shared concept, the duo’s forthcoming EP, First Sight, is a futuristic glimmer with riveting sound design and a haunting atmosphere. Haruna and Bon use electronic sound as a jumping-off point to explore utopian and dystopian soundscapes. Shaped by an interest in AI and its possibilities, “Raijin” fuses heavy, invasive rhythms and descending melodies to explore how far things can go. “We were inspired by the ideas surrounding AI and their ability to love,” they explain, “If AI do not have the same hormones and chemicals that drive our actions in our own human experiences, we wonder how AI might be capable of love and how that might present itself.” Enlightenment comes in different forms, but with “Raijin,” it is visceral and subliminal. 

Ethereal vocal acrobatics bring a soft gloss to the hard-edged synths and blitzed-out beats. Fusing these disparate palettes together, Haruna + Bon weave unimaginable textures into engaging, sunless sonic corridors where new worlds explode in the blink of an eye. It’s a wild ride.

First Sight is available HERE.

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