Video Premiere: Little Mazarn “Lightning in the Water”

Photo by Jake Dapper

The heart is a hushed bonfire on Little Mazarin’s stunning, intimate “Lightning in the Water.” Lindsey Verrill’s music is borne of place; it is timeless and ontological, always inviting anyone in earshot to take a seat and breathe it in. In the glowing Texas sun, joined by Jeff Johnston and Carolina Chauffe, “Lightning in the Water” levitates above the parched fields, a beacon guiding us to our own version of home.

Verrill’s voice is a severed force strewn across gossamer banjo, zither, and bowed bell arrangements. “One day it won’t hurt me,” she sings in a Dock Boggs-adjacent monotone, “I know that it’s healing.” Chauffe joins in harmony as the lilting lyric, “I’ll be lightning in the water,” lifts toward the heavens. Unrevealed strength is a luminous blossom buried deep in the bones of each banjo pluck and vocal melody. Enchanted hopefulness blooms in the emotive chorus, with cello swells clearing a path into the open.

Jordan Moser’s video, filmed in Wimberley, Texas, visualizes this spirit in the earth tones of the quiet, arid landscape. Verrill and Johnston’s purposeful movements and lucid stillness express this music’s beautiful, vulnerable core.

“Lightning in the Water” appears on Little Mazarin’s forthcoming Texas River Song album on August 19 via Dear Life Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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