Video Premiere: Yotam Avni and Karen Vogt “Voices”

Karen Vogt constantly pushes her creative space outward, searching for new directions to follow and landscapes to inhabit. This new collaborative project with producer Yotam Avni combines the best elements from each artist’s work into something engaging and fresh. “In 2021, I reached out to experimental techno artist Yotam Avni to ask if he would remix a track from another project I was involved in,” Vogt explains. “I was pleasantly surprised when he told me that he really liked my I Just Want to Feel EP.” As the collaboration unfolded, Avni suggested the duo incorporate some of the ASMR-style elements of that EP, so Vogt sent him stems, and “Voices” emerged. 

Vogt’s ghostly voice whispers feel so close that the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. Combined with the glossy warmth of Avni’s synth arrangements and experimental production, the piece takes on a cocoon-like structure. We are held in this fraught but inviting space as aural shadows dance on every surface. James Eakins’ excellent video shows the piece’s intimacy with a slow-moving close-up and a shifting color palette. “I was struck by how James created a video that gave a different perspective on the work and focused on the aspect of an inner dialogue for the voices, and I had always hoped to use it one day,” shares Vogt. Eakins captures that inward focus with precision and delicacy. Vogt continues, “When Yotam had finalized the mix for the track, I felt that Eakins beautiful video would be the perfect choice to accompany the track.”

“Voices” is available to stream wherever you prefer to stream music. Karen Vogt can be found via Bandcamp HERE, and Yotam Avni’s site is HERE.

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