Video Premiere: Office Culture “Big Time Things”

An emotional cliff looms on the second single from Office Culture’s forthcoming Big Time Things. Worst-case scenarios are repeating mantras in our tired minds, but what happens once we give in? Flickering keyboard motifs draw distracted shapes in the transient skies as Winston Cook-Wilson traces the psychic steps through exposed memory fields and buried fears. Emotive guitar explorations thread the needle of this latticework arrangement while Wilson-Cook’s voice plaintively narrates the patterns running through his mind. “Stop, I feel nervous,” he sings over a soft sheen, “wondering if it’s you I should trust.”

The world has its way of pushing us down different paths, no matter the resistance. “Big Time Things” glosses through the emotional weight of it all. Still, the voyage through major minefields creates a rippling orbit that simultaneously draws others toward us and pushes others away. Kyle Wilson’s magical video is one of the best I’ve seen all year and wonderfully embodies this spirit in spades. Animated scenes fraught with whimsy and horror play out, heightening the feelings beneath the song. “I wanted to feature architecture (of the mind) and deceptive imagery, using Winston’s watercolor paintings as vessels for movement through the mental landscape,” Wilson says, explaining his thought process behind the video. He continues, “As I usually only use found images, it was fun collaborating and finding creative ways for both mediums to interact and coexist. Each scene represents progressive steps navigating “big time things” in one’s own life and how they affect others and the self.” Everything about “Big Time Things” lands, leaving us aloft within ourselves. 

Big Time Things will be released on September 30 via Northern Spy. Pre-order HERE.

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