Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #46: Ghosts of Electricity

Ghost of Electricity’s excellent collection, Field Recordings 2017-2021, on Dub Cthonic is the bounty from years of harvesting fertile sonic territory. The duo of Michael Plater and Dean Richards hold a candle, bringing flickering illumination to the moments in between breaths. Each piece fits with the next while maintaining its own lives and boundaries, the sum most certainly greater than the parts. Richards and Plater have an entrenched chemistry pushing the aural landscapes outward. 

Plater assembled this mix and covers a lot of ground like Field Recordings 2017-2021. It’s right in my wheelhouse, from familiar names to plenty of new ones. Pick up Field Recordings from Dub Cthonic HERE and dig into this stellar mix.

  1. Ghosts of Electricity – Marsh Lights (off Field Recordings 2017-2021, out now on Dub Cthonic)
  2. Katje Janisch – Vernal Winnowing (off forthcoming compilation What Colour is Sound VI)
  3. Enclosed & Silent Order – The Lost Keepers (off forthcoming LP Synedrion)
  4. Michael Plater – Burning Windmills (off forthcoming LP Ghost Music)
  5. Disturbed Earth featuring Glendon Blazely – The Labor of Patterns (off Octavia)
  6. The Northern Lighthouse Board – Postlude (off The Spirit Cabinet)
  7. Deathbird Stories – Exalted (off Exiles of Ruin split cassette)
  8. House of Light – Under the Cloud Line (off What Colour is Sound V)
  9. Datson – Mode Cerafin (off What Colour is Sound V)
  10. Nujumi – The Astrologer (off forthcoming Nujumi LP The Astrologer)
  11. Enclosed & Silent Order – mercrmx (UKAEA remix)
  12. Xuuul – Aeon Collapse (off S/T forthcoming tape release)
  13. brazil banks – The More Right You Are (off Above Us the Waves)
  14. Cornish Wreckers – Into the Horizon (off LP Lurid Tales of Wrecking and Repose)

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