Video Premiere: Courtney and Brad “Mayonnaise”

Photo by Jillian Jackson

Listening to the whimsical fantasy of Courtney (Swain of Bent Knee) and Brad’s (Krieger of emergent New England studio hub Big Nice Studio) “Mayonnaise,” it feels easy to fall in love. Beguiling, country-tinged instrumentation dances across lithe song patterns following Swain’s emotive vocals sung in her native Japanese. Joy is sprinkled throughout Courtney and Brad’s music. Leaning into an effervescent collaborative spirit, “Mayonnaise” is a wild trip and a warm embrace. 

Quentany Graphic Studio’s video is an all-timer. It adds new layers of emotion and dark humor to an already magical piece of music. Animated narratives twist and turn, leaning into the hidden echoes buried in the jangly melodies of “Mayonnaise.” The story stretches the line between story, fantasy, and the ultimate power of the perfect fusion of eggs and oil. 

“Mayonnaise” appears on A Square is a Shape of Power, coming September 30 via the outstanding Dear Life Records. Pre-order HERE.

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