Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #47: Nat Baldwin

Nat Baldwin has significantly influenced my listening habits over the last year or so. Between an incredible run with his solo and collaborative work on top of his label, Tripticks Tapes, not many days pass without something he’s involved with coming through my headphones. It’s hard to know where to start, though his most recent collaboration ticks all the boxes. Baldwin, a bassist, pairs up with another incredible bassist, Amanda Irarrázabal, for the crucial Grips (I highly recommend watching the video on the release page!). Double bass duos are one of my favorite lineups (don’t get me started on the Marks Brothers album). Irarrázabal and Baldwin bring something new and exciting to this limited zone. Grips is challenging, sure, but it’s so engaging and listenable that I can’t stop returning to it. Whatever Baldwin has his hands in these days is something well worth seeking out, and Tripticks Tapes has quickly become one of the most essential experimental labels around.

Gabi Vanek & Will Yager – Arcane Hunger (Ghost Actions, Oxcart New Music)
Thom Nguyen – On Top of the Water Tower Looking Up, Looking Down (Exits, SIGE Records)
Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci – Siren Call (End of Softness, Astral Spirits)
Frequency Disasters – Tuttodipunta (Frequency Disasters, Confront Recordings)
Jessica Ackerley – Morning (Morning/Mourning, Cacophonous Revival)
Beautifulish – #D92121 (Beautifulish, Shinkoyo/Artist Pool)
The Nevari Butchers – Smoldering Cloth and Skeleton Outlines A2 (Smoldering Cloth and Skeleton Outlines, Hanson Records)
Greef – Prob Another Beach (No Puddle Deep Enough, self-released)
Joanna Mattrey – Lazulum (Dirge, Dear Life Records)
Oggetto – Day 3.1 (Excerpt) (Oggetto, Dear Life Records)
Judith Berkson – Harpers (Liederkreis II, Notice Recordings)
Secret Science – Fifth Discovery (First Discoveries, Traced Objects)
Jane In Ether – Weightless (Spoken/Unspoken, Confront Recordings)
Camila Nebbia & Patrick Shiroishi – Olvido (The Human Being As a Fragile Article, Trouble In Mind)
Jeremiah Cymerman / Charlie Looker – I’ll Show You What You Are (A Horizon Made of Canvas, Astral Spirits)
Brandon Lopez Trio – Dance Motherfucker (Live at Roulette, Relative Pitch)
Caudal Amanda Irarrázabal – Bandadas (CAUDAL, self-released)
Adrianne Munden-Dixon / Leo Chang – Nineteen (Some Time, Notice Recordings)
Lina Tullgren – Centerline Rumble Strip (Visiting, Ba Da Bing)
Tasha Dorji / Ian McColm / Frank Meadows – We Are Dancing (The Power of Water, Trouble In Mind)

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