Video Premiere: Neti-Neti “That Which Remains”

Photo by Acudus Aranyian

Neti-Neti, the duo of Amirtha Kidambi and Matt Evans, describe their sound as lo-fi ritual music, and it’s spot on. Not only that, but a transcendent thread spins outward from the music’s fractured core, tying it together in cathartic waves. Neti-Neti, as translated from Sanskrit, means “it is not this, it is not that,” and this spirit runs through Kidambi and Evans’ work. 

“That Which Remains” walks a razor’s edge between harsh resonance and aerial temperaments. Kidambi’s voice combines an ethereal tone with visceral force to cut through Evans’ flashing percussive electronics. Neti-Neti’s music is textural and built inside liturgical explorations of sorrow and despair. I can’t think of anything else that sounds like this. The emotional foundation cuts deep. 

“I found my experience of intense loss and grief to be a form of ‘inverse psychedelia,’” Evans explains, “Tearing through my neurons and changing my entire sense of reality in an instant, while mixing up timelines, and animating an illogical, distraught, and fractured sense of memories, presentness, and potential futures.”

In the video (produced, edited, and directed by Evans), images flow and combine to elevate the elegiac undercurrents into some place higher and even more visceral. It’s not so much surreal as it is transportive and transfixing. “That Which Remains” appears on Impermanence, releasing on September 9 via Dinzu Artefacts. Pre-order HERE.

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