Video Premiere: Head Shoppe “Chapultepec Parque”

Riding through a vivid memory quest, Head Shoppe unlocks an ancient magic. Timeless guitar pathways and spectral sonic glass glide through suncast skies to drop hallucinatory rain drops into the parched maw of the Earth. Lilting melodies are the fabric of our dreams that swirl lackadaisically in the vivid expanses stretching toward the horizon. Studio Sparks’Sparks’ video is a psychedelic masterpiece, fusing bright colors, enchanted narratives, and twisted imagery to add new layers to “Chapultepec Parque.” The whole thing fuses together, becoming a meditative, bewitching trip. It’sIt’s one of the best videos I’ve seen all year.

“Chapultepec Parque” is part of Head Shoppe’s sessions, creating an instrumental tribute to Mexico City in their Joshua Tree studio with Kenneth James Gibson. Out soon. Stream HERE or purchase HERE.

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