Track Premiere: Luna Honey “Smirk”

Walking sharp edges back from the brink becomes a finely-tuned machine on the volatile catharsis of Luna Honey’s “Smirk.” Lead songwriter Maura Pond rains fire across the solid concrete sonic foundations, buoyed by Kamyar Arsani’s explosive daf rhythms. Pond’s voice glows like a specter pulling the strings of this angular puppet show, hanging above the grinding guitars and shattered atmospheres. “Smirk” is intense, with Pond pushing grim, straightforward imagery through the void into a howling call-to-action. It’s music that seeps in through every pore, infecting us in the best possible way.

“Smirk” appears on Luna Honey’s upcoming album, Parables, out on October 7 via DSI, Strange Mono, and BLIGHT. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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