Track Premiere: Deniz Cuylan “Clouds Over Sintra”

Photo by Aylin Gungor

I love that this piece is called “Clouds Over Sintra” because, sonically, it’s crystal clear. Deniz Cuylan spins hypnotic waves through his exquisite guitar technique and compositional acumen. Repeating patterns shift slightly in the billowing Mediterranean air with reflective and inquisitive tones, building their own language. This is intimate, almost hidden music but swims with an outward gaze longing to touch the horizon. Urgency builds in the emotive plucks as we inch closer to the sun.

“Clouds Over Sintra” appears on Cuylan’s forthcoming album, Rings of Juniper (featuring beautiful art by Hayal Pozanti), out October 14 via Hush Hush Records. Pre-order HERE.

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