Video Premiere: Dead Gowns “Renter Not A Buyer”

Just because the light pours in when we pull the curtains back doesn’t mean anything changes. Dead Gowns’, the project of songwriter Geneviève Beaudoin, “Renter Not A Buyer,” is flush with a visceral absurdity that highlights the surrealistic farce of keeping our heads above water in a world hellbent on breaking us down. 

There’s magic in turning something harsh and bleak into a candy-coated earworm, and Beaudoin brings it in spades. Her voice is a spectral visage steeped in urgency and warmth, pushing expressive arrangements and raw melodies into a glowing spectacle. Transient experiences spread across emotive synths and crispy guitars, Beaudoin belting out classic lines like, “I’m a renter, not a buyer, I don’t live here, it doesn’t matter.” It’s such a great song.

The video, directed by Emilie Silvestri, is a further cut of genius, full of camp and ridiculousness, highlighting the brutal ridiculousness of it all. Beaudoin stars, moving from a banal world falling apart into dream sequences instantly. Interspersed with footage of Dead Gowns in various locations, she drowns into a whimsical void filled with bubbles and darkness before landing at the beginning. Nothing really changes, but we go on.

“Renter Not A Buyer” appears on Dead Gowns’ forthcoming HOW EP coming on October 14. Pre-order it via Bandcamp.

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