Track Premieres: Dominic Voz “Oxycodone” + “Dan Ryan”

Chicago’s Dominic Voz twists countless disparate sonic threads into something unique and beguiling. His forthcoming album, Right to the City, is an intoxicating blend of ambient, spoken word, classical, and deconstructed electronic music alive in a world of glitches and gorgeous landscapes. “Oxycodone” spills from glitching corridors, vapor-infused keys mixing with expressive strings and chopped-up phrases spoken in french by Éléonore Rimbault. The quick, dizzying trip hits an emotive swell of harp plucks before ascending into soft tonal clouds. In just over three minutes, Voz covers a lot of ground.

“Dan Ryan” uses similar ingredients to find a different destination. Lilting string arrangements flow with luminescent familiarity, building into a sense of urgency. Quick-paced rhythms gleaned from crystalline circuitry bubble up in a warm, expansive cascade, accentuated by rising melodies and a sense of wonder. We can finally take a breath when the bottom rises through the floor.

“Oxycodone” and “Dan Ryan” appear on Right to the City, out on September 30 via Accidental Recordings and Beacon Sound. 

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