Video Premiere: Noah Garabedian Quartet “Expectation. Regret.”

Let it flow. Let it shine. Bassist Noah Garabedian’s third solo album as a leader, Consider the Stars Beneath Us, celebrates his father, who passed in early 2020 (Noah wrote beautifully about the experience HERE). “Expectation. Regret.” hovers between emotional spaces carved from family histories and lucid memories. For a piece of music so weightless, “Expectation. Regret.” simmers with its own gravity. Garabedian’s searching basslines intersect with Dayna Stephens’s beautiful, emotive saxophone expressions to find a glow within the elegiac atmosphere. This is music for connection and embrace. 

Filled out by a fantastic rhythm section of Carmen Staaf on piano and Jimmy Macbride on drums, Consider the Stars Beneath Us is a moving sonic idiom that swims in joyous arcades while keeping the darkness at bay. Consider the Stars Beneath Us will be released on September 23 via Outside in Music. Pre-order HERE.

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