Video Premiere: Worthitpurchase “Sweater”

Beauty and desolation collide on Worthitpurchase’s wistful and memorable “Sweater.” Fractured melodies hold vigils for how darkness clouds moments, judgments, and most things. Acoustic guitar pathways glean silver strands from the harmonic atmosphere, bringing everything into a magic whirlpool around the beguiling, dueling vocals of Nicole Rowe and Omar Akrouche. “If someone’s bound to break me,” Rowe sings, asking plaintively but with a broken edge, “You can, can it be you then?” Over a sonic palette filled with hooks and a simmering urgency, a soft, vulnerable spectacle blooms. Worthitpurchase leans into the spaces we often keep hidden, and this diaristic approach connects like a beautiful, sharpened point. 

“Sweater” appears on Worthitpurchase’s sophomore album, Truthtelling, out now on vinyl/digital via Anxiety Blanket and cassette via Citrus City. Watch the excellent video directed/animated/edited by Daniel Zhou and grab a copy of the album!

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