Video Premiere: Odeya Nini “Pacific Wave”

Odeya Nini’s voice has no limits. It holds infinite expressive possibilities and transformative energy within its sonic wash for something so ephemeral and seemingly fleeting. She has had the honor of singing a stranger through their passage from life, writing about it in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies, showcasing that transformational power in the most potent way. She writes, “I sing. I sound. I am sound. I am the sounding and the sounder I am. I am safe.” 

This connective tissue is the heart of her forthcoming album, ODE, but the physicality of her voice is the light. In this performance of “Pacific Wave,” Nini molds her voice, sending it cascading through shifting landscapes using her entire body. Hand motions interact with the air around the notes adding a hypnotizing tremolo effect that echoes within our bones. She calls the pieces on ODE sound poems, and there is an abstract lyrical quality to the aural combinations she conjures. “Pacific Wave” is moving and utterly captivating. 

ODE will be released on October 7 via Populist Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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