Video Premiere: Susana Santos Silva “All the Birds”

Magic miniatures unfold on Susana Santos Silva’s “All the Birds.” A combination of soft, lilting drones underpins the frenetic, technical sophistication of Santos Silva’s trumpet playing. Disparate atmospheres swirl in separate fields before intertwining through her unique approach, with the addition of calming birdsong, to create a unique, exotic sonic palette. The tranquility woven into the piece is awash with impermanence, but that fleeting nature heights its impact. Light filters through to perform a choreographed dance across the shifting plane. There’s a real beauty in the imagery and its construction, altering our perspective on the visuals and the sound of “All the Birds” itself.

“All the Birds” appears on Susana Santos Silva’s forthcoming album, All the Birds and a Telephone Ringing which will be released by Thanatosis on November 25. Pre-order HERE.

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