Track Premiere: r beny “One Illusion Backward” – A Rework of Ameel Brecht’s “Like Moth to Flame”

Life stares us down in the quiet moments of midnight on r beny’s stunning rework of Ameel Brecht’s “One Illusion Backward” off his forthcoming album, The Locked Room. beny shapes the hushed tones into an alternate dimension, living and breathing through the darkness to find a horizon teeming with promise. Spreading the emotional toil of Brecht’s original over an entire side adds new sonic depths and heightens the gravity to unimaginable intensity levels. 

“r beny exposes the core of ‘Like Moth to Flame’ and mirrors the obsessions of this album,” Brecht explains, “the saturation of reality, the deadlock of the ever-faster flow of events.” With the layers of humming strings and shimmering waves growing into dramatic vistas, “One Illusion Backward” makes time stand still. We must lose ourselves in the maze to find the path out of this twisted reality.

The Locked Room will be released by blickwinkel on October 21 on vinyl, CD, and digital formats, plus a special edition featuring r beny’s rework on cassette. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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